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GXS Projects Progress Report Apr. 17–23th-2018

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Product development
• Finishes deployment for the new version
• Finishes deployment for blockchain as a service(baas)
• Researching and designing virtual machine on GXChain

Blockcity & GXS wallet
• Adds keyChain plugin for better storage experience
• Adds application section to support more upcoming Dapps
• WKWebview supports for QR code, data acquisition plug-in, and OAuth 2.0
• Finishes commercialization page and data authorization for OAuth2 project
• BaaS storage and validation under test
• Data Exchange 2.0 is ready for alpha test
• International support under development
• More projects based on Blockcity under development
• KCash team is developing an iOS wallet based on Graphene, this version will integrate GXS wallet

Business & Community Development
• Blockcity now has 1.25 million real names verified users.
• Yan Li, CEO of GXS Foundation, presented “Building Data Economy” at BlockchainExpo Global in London.

• Representatives from Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore, under Ministry of Communications and Information visited GXChain at Hangzhou, China. We discussed blockchain based solutions and innovations for improving data economy and personal data safety.

• BlockCDN(BCDN) token is now minable at Blockcity. BCDN is the next generation of Content Delivery Networks (CDN) built on Ethereum Smart Contracts. BlockCDN uses advanced technology to create a distributed network of computing resources with the specific purpose of providing a low cost, CDN service with the inbuilt trading platform.


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