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GXS Projects Progress Report May. 1–7th-2018

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Product development
Blockcity & GXS wallet
• Finishes development of OAuth2.0 verification system
• Launches Coinget
• Finishes development of blockcity iOS objective-C version
• More applications will launch soon
• Launches BaaS storage and proof of existence functions
• Finishes development of multiple assets management

PC wallet
• Adds assets management function at account page, supporting asset setup, update, and issuance
• Finishes function adjustment, moves data exchange market to secondary page
• Supports GXS as a payment for transfer and asset management fees

Business & Community Development
• Vincent Huang, founder and CEO of GXChain gave a keynote speech “What on earth GXChain has done to Graphene”. He also noted that GXChain developer platform will be launched in June.

• GXChain developer team meet with Hangzhou government for tech support of simplifying government working procedures.

Blockcity Academy
Data Exchange Service(DES): a service for data exchange, based on GXChain. DES support smart contract, which supports tri-party bookkeeping agreement, and a peer to peer data exchange protocol based on IPFS. The protocol provides reliable, safely, high-throughput data exchange service, and will automatically record the history of data exchange. One can use DES for permanent proof of existence, and data copyright registration.

Blockchain as a Service(BaaS): encapsulation a lot blockchain system API to provide simple and handy service.


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