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GXS Projects Progress Report June. 19–25th-2018

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Products development
• Coding of cross contract on GXChain.
• GXChain smart contract under active development, now supports deposit, withdraw and data persistence.
• Fixes the crash problem of witness_node under OS X environment.

Blockcity & GXS wallets
• Launches habitual grabber function. Users can grab a portion of mining profits from people nearby.
• Adds function for WeChat interaction.
• Adds support fee payment with multiple assets in Blockcity.

GXChain Explorer
• Optimize display effect of user interface and other visualization functions.

Business Development & Operations
• Population at Blockcity passed 1.7 Million.
• The coinget project is airdropping 5 million BDB token at Blockcity.
• Habitual Grabber function now live at Blockcity, which greatly improve the playability of the app, users can invite their friends and “share” their mining profits.
• GXChain developers were invited to “The Second Blockchain IP Presentation” and passed the functional test by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Chinese government.
• GXChain built deep collaboration with Dragon exchange at Singapore, which will support most airdrop tokens.
• GXChain developers were invited to Hundsun Technologies Inc.(SHA:600570) and exchanged ideas about blockchain business model and ecosystem.

Blockcity Academy
GXChain Virtual Machine: is the environment for GXChain smart contracts, the first version will support EOS smart contract based on WebAssembly.

Data Exchange Service(DES): is a service for data exchange, based on GXChain. DES support smart contract, which supports tri-party agreement for bookkeeping, and a peer to peer data exchange protocol based on IPFS.

Blockchain as a Service(BaaS): encapsulation a lot blockchain system API to provide simple and handy service.
GXChain BaaS: Smart contract services on GXChain, including triple-entry bookkeeping, data storage, and proof of existence, which could apply for copyright registration, electronic proof of existence, etc. This technology combines the advantages of data storage capability of IPFS and high-throughput capability of GXChain.

Blockcity Pay: support all cryptocurrency in Blockcity as a payment for services


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good job
the price of gxc Will to da moon


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