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LongBit Contract Trading is ready!

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A few days ago, LongBit, a global digital asset trading platform, officially launched a perpetual contract transaction firm, while supporting Web and mobile phones to directly access the website to participate in transactions. As an investor in the currency circle, the editor experienced the new features for the first time and made a simple assessment.

LongBit perpetual contract trading firm highlights

LongBit, as a domestic star trading platform, has shown many advantages in transaction convenience and user experience.

First, the lever adjustment is flexible. LongBit contract trading supports 10-100 times leverage, providing investors with more independent and flexible leverage options, which can meet the needs of different users.

Second, it is easy to operate. LongBit pays attention to humanized design, the interface setting is simple and intuitive, and the data is updated in real time, so as to avoid users from missing the good opportunity of operation.

Third, high liquidity. The LongBit contract is very liquid, as long as the price of the pending order is appropriate and the transaction is rapid.

Fourth, the depth is good and the price difference is small. In addition to carrying the trading needs of everyone, LongBit's main competitiveness is reflected in the same digital currency, which can be bought at the lowest price and sold at the highest price to obtain as much profit space as possible.

On the whole, the user experience of LongBit perpetual contract trading is good, and it is worth a try.

Real operation strategy for novice investors

Although the LongBit real market operation is convenient, novice investors should be familiar with the operation through the simulated market before entering the market.

It is understood that after the real trading of LongBit contract is launched, the simulated market will continue to provide trading services, and 10,000CUSD will be sent upon opening. Through simulated trading, newbies can learn to understand the market on the one hand, observe and analyze data such as K line, moving average, trading volume, etc. On the other hand, they can learn technical indicators, find stop profit, stop loss, entry and exit points through the disk To continuously improve the winning rate.

After familiarizing with the simulated disk for a period of time, investors can try to use LongBit real trading. Beginners are recommended to operate light positions and small positions at the beginning to minimize the impact of psychological factors on personal analysis capabilities; at the same time, preset profit and stop loss points, avoid heavy positions; finally, accumulate market experience through practice and expand attention to the news surface Until you find a strategy that suits you.