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Mapping your DOT at LongBit!

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The LongBit platform now supports the DOT mainnet asset mapping service, and DOT deposit has been opened; all users who hold DOT (Polkadot's mainnet coin) assets can complete the mapping operation with one click on the LongBit platform. DOT assets can be displayed in asset accounts after mapping.

Specific mapping operation steps:

Step 1: Log in to the LongBit account, click the [Asset Management]-[Coin & Currency Account] button in the upper right corner, search for [DOT]-click [deposit]-[Copy Address]
At this point, you already have a LongBit DOT (Polkadot) deposit address, which will be used as a t mapping address. Please save this address and review the next steps to complete the mapping process.

Step 2: Claim DOT

1. Visit https://polkadot.js.org/apps

2. Adjust the network and switch the network to Polkadot (Live, hosted by Parity)
3. Click [Account]-[My Account]-[Add Contact] to create an account, fill in the stored DOT (Polkadot) deposit address and name of the LongBit platform and click the [Save] button
4. Users who do not install MyCrypto software, please install the software, the installation address is https://download.mycrypto.com/

5. Open the MyCrypto software, click the [View & Send] button on the left column, please use the corresponding method to log in to the wallet to view the ETH account address of the DOT ERC20 asset (login method can choose keystore file, hardware wallet, private key, etc.). After login, copy the corresponding ETH account address (the address should have DOT ERC20 assets)
6. Visit https://polkadot.js.org/apps/#/claims, select your Polkadot CC1 account in claim your DOT tokens, select your DOT deposit address, and click the [Continue] button
7. In the "Enter the ETH address from the sale" text box, fill in the ETH account address copied in step 5 (the address should have DOT ERC20 assets), click the [Continue] button
8. Click to copy the content in the gray box
9. Open the MyCrypto software, click the [Sign & Verify Message] button, and select the corresponding method to log in to the wallet
10. Click the [Sign Message] button to paste the content copied in step 8 into the Message text box; then click the [Sign Message] button in the blue horizontal bar to generate the Signature text box. Please copy the All content
11. Please return to the web page in step 8, paste the content copied in step 10 into the text box and click the [Confirm Claim] button
12. A reconfirmation dialog box will appear on the page, click the [Claim] button
13. Please wait for about 10 minutes, you will see the number of DOTs in your LongBit account

By following the above operations, you can successfully map the DOT mainnet assets to the LongBit platform asset account and view them in the LongBit asset balance. After the subsequent listing of DOT transaction pairs, you can directly conduct real DOT asset transactions. After the DOT transfer function is enabled, you can perform transfer operations.