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GXChain Forum Rules

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Introductory threads:

Please write something substantial and meaningful for introduction threads. Threads or posts which are too short will be removed without warning, since they may make a harm to the order and efficiency of the forum.

General threads:
A general thread under a certain subject or questions should be relevant. Copying and pasting, or reposting content are not allowed. General threads should be creative and informative.

Reports: Please report to the administrator if you notice behaviors violating the rules. Thanks.

 Other important RULES

Don’t send pointless posts or threads.

Don’t trade illegal goods.

Don’t give away altcoin on forum.

Don’t hold more than one active sales topic in the Currency Exchange Board.

Don’t copy and paste your posts in multiple boards (except for situation in which the content is published more than once in different languages)

Don’t share links to illegal trading sites.

Don’t include NSFW images without marks accordingly.

Don’t post personal attack or death threats.

Don’t troll.

Don’t send referral codes or ref links.

Don’t send view-an-ad links.

Don’t send links to phishing or malware without warning.

Don’t gamble or conduct other illegal behaviors.